xApril 14, 2005,
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Kitchen 2005

After years of planning, the sale of the house for which the plans were made, and the move to a new house, our kitchen is finally getting the look that we want. This is my kitchen blog.

Saturday, July 16, 2005 — The Great Swap

We moved the cabinets and appliances from the truck to the house, set up the room that we'll call the "kitch-ining room" for the next six (please, God, let it only be six) weeks, and emptied the kitchen.

The site of our former dining room, the kitch-ining room is a combination of our old and new kitchens and our dining room. This means that the refrigerator is in there along with an old microwave, almost all of the new cabinets, and our dining room table and chairs. It seems like it will be a fairly usable space that is separate from the live worksite.

My cousin came to load the truck with the old cabinets and appliances and we delivered that stuff to her house so that they're project can get going. She has no idea how big these projects get — we wish her luck!

Here's the state of things after one day of family labor:

The kitchen is empty! We still need to remove the floating floor panels, but the space is ready for the contractor to remove the soffit and a small wall (off the left side of the picture) that forms a corner pantry.

When we first saw the house we knew that the previous owners had "wallpaper issues." In the four places where we saw wallpaper, we saw five patterns that no one should like. Upon removing the brick we found that our predecessors also tried their own hand at decoration. Maybe the brick was the only way that they could keep this "art" hidden???

The dining room is full of kitchen. A few appliances, a lot of cabinets, and some dining room furniture fill our "kitch-ining" room. Those lovely countertops are sure to be the next big thing: half sheets of plywood with paper tablecloths!

Monday, July 25, 2005 — It's all gone

The demolishion work is done (or nearly done). The electricians arrive on Wednesday to do their thing and the plumbers come in later this week to move the pipes for the sink and add a new line for the gas cooktop. Carpenters are back in next week to fill the holes left by the demo.

The soffit is gone and I've very happy. I ran into a neighbor this weekend and learned that all of the houses in this area, regardles of layout, have the same swoopy soffit in their kitchens. I can only hope that our removal of it will start a tidal wave of renovations.

Sunday, August 7, 2005 — But wait, there's more

Well, the ceiling had to go, too. And the bricks are finally all gone. What were the previous owners thinking when they painted this pattern onto a plain yellow wall? Was bricking over it the only way to keep such a poorly conceived and executed "painting" hidden?

Thursday, August 18, 2005 — Contractors away!

The demo work, electrical, plumbing, and drywall are all done. Now it's our turn to take this unfinished box and turn it into a kitchen. We'll be painting next week and putting up the wall cabinets. The floor goes in a week later and then the base cabinets get moved into place.

Saturday, August 27, 2005 — My first painting

I admit that I've never painted a wall. Now I have. Painting is dull. There's nothing more to say.