xApril 14, 2005,
x2:13 PM EDT
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Kitchen 2005

After years of planning, the sale of the house for which the plans were made, and the move to a new house, our kitchen is finally getting the look that we want. This is my kitchen blog.

Friday, November 4, 2005 — Counter Proposal

The Zodiaq countertops were installed today. I'm temporarily displeased because with the backsplashes still missing, the kitchen is awash in white. However, the counters themselves look great.

DuPont thinks that this is Cloud White, but a friend calls it White Nougat!

It has been difficult photographing the cooking area until now because the flow of the space hasn't been clear without the countertops. Now it is.

Sunday, December 11, 2005 — Almost done

Yesterday, our new counter-depth fridge came and then we drove up to north Jersey to pick up the door for the trash compartment (left of sink) and the replacement dishwasher front (right of sink) and oven cabinet. (Yes, now it can be admitted that the base cabinet fronts shown in the above entry were Photoshopped into existence; this explains the weird lighting. This one is real.

Today we replaced the old oven cabinet (which was damaged in shipping from Italy) and hung the shelves next to it. The shelves need to be adjusted a bit, but that will be done when the backsplash panels arrive in late January. After that, the hood goes in (the Elica collection won't be available until mid-January anyway) and we're done!

Just ignore the 50% paint job on the wall to your left. Before the trash bin and dishwasher fronts were installed, I was troubled by how gray the cabinetry looked. (Where was the blue that I had seen in the showroom?) I painted part of this wall blue on the mistaken hope that it would reflect blue light back on the cabinets on the other side. It didn't work. However, when the missing pieces were installed around the sink, the blue in the cabinet faces became apparent (even if it isn't always in these photos.)