xApril 14, 2005,
x2:13 PM EDT
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Kitchen 2005

After years of planning, the sale of the house for which the plans were made, and the move to a new house, our kitchen is finally getting the look that we want. This is my kitchen blog.

Kitchen Sink Cabinet

One of my favorite cabinets is the one containing the sink. Instead of doors, this cabinet has two pull-out drawers with the center cut out of the upper drawer so that it wraps around the sink. We use it to hold cleaning supplies and other small stuff.

In the lower drawer we keep our recycling. There's room for cans, paper, and more cans!

Vertical Bi-Fold Doors

The wall cabinets on either side of the sink have gull wing folding doors that lift straight up. We're thinking of adding another shelf in each, but haven't decided yet.

Drawers, drawers, and more drawers

The old kitchen contained just two usable drawers. Maybe we've gone too far, but we put in four of these four-drawer units -- that's 16 drawers!

Aluminum Trim!

One of the things that really drew us to this line of cabinets was the beveled aluminum trim around each drawer and door. This trim set the way for so much of the overall design that it deserves it's own humongous picture. The molding along the baseboard and around the doors and window were custom made to match the shape of the aluminum trim.