xApril 14, 2005,
x2:13 PM EDT
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Kitchen 2005

After years of planning, the sale of the house for which the plans were made, and the move to a new house, our kitchen is finally getting the look that we want. This is my kitchen blog.

Friday, July 15, 2005 — In the beginning...

Today the planning ended and the doing began. I drove 240 miles today to pick up the cabinets in Fairlawn, NJ and the appliances in Woodbridge, NJ. While I was out, my father disconnected all of the appliances and removed all of the old cabinetry.

Here's what things looked like before the action:

The curvey/organic soffit that I hate so much. The house is a 1960 "modern" design with some fairly strong straight lines. This soffit is the only curvey thing in the entire house. It has to go.

(Click any of the pictures for a full-size shot, then use your Back button to come back here.)

An electric cooktop. The horrors continue! I hate that stove! While the cabinets aren't bad looking, they aren't for us. Thankfully, a cousin wants them for her kitchen re-do and so they'll go to good use instead of the trash.

The fridge is new from when we moved in two years ago. In the new design it will be recessed about 4" into the wall so that the case is basically flush with the base cabinets.

I save my final bile for the brick wall cladding. What were these people thinking???

Those radiators also need to come out because cabinets will be in this area in the new design.