xApril 14, 2005,
x2:13 PM EDT
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Sunday, February 26, 2006 — Backsplash time

The 3Form Varia panels arrived two weeks ago, but the first snow in two months delayed installation. These panels sandwich a thin sheet of fabric layer between two panes of "eco-resin," with the back pane tinted. For our application as backsplashes, an opaque white layer is added to the back.

Last week my brother and I installed the one behind the sink and it looks great. Here's a full shot.

Followed by a close-up:

Today, my brother, father and I finished the backsplash behind the cooktop, including cutting notches in the shelves for the mounting hardware. We still need to build the shelf for the microwave, so it's still sitting on a warped piece of plywood with is placed on two stacks of remnants from our floor.

As with the other side, here's a full shot:

Followed by a close-up: